Blender shortcuts

Useful shortcuts that I tend to forget:

Both edit and object mode:

S = scale (S + (X,Y,Z ) = scale on axis only), (S + SHIFT + (X,Y,Z ) = scale other axis than… locking selected axis)

R = rotate (R+ (X,Y,Z )= rotate on axis only), (R + SHIFT + (X,Y,Z ) = rotate other axis than… locking selected axis)

5 = switch between orthographic / perspective projection

1 = front view (CTRL + 1 = back)

3 = right view (CTRL + 3 = left)

7 = top view (CTRL + 7 = bottom)


In edit mode:

E = extrude

ALT + A = shrink / flatten

K = cut

F = fill (make edge / face)

I = inset (faces only)

SHIFT + D = duplicate

GG = edge slide

CTRL + I = select inverse

CTRL + R = Loop subdivide

W (specials) = Smooth, etc.

CTRL + Tab = switch between select modes (vert, edge, face)

CTRL + E = Edges menu

CTRL + F = Faces menu


Object mode:

SHIFT + A = add (a mesh, curve etc.)

X = delete



CRTL + Z = undo

CTRL + Y = redo

B = rectangular area select

C = circle area select

O = proportional editing

H = hide

ALT + H= unhide

M = move to layer

A = select all / unselect all

Z = switch between shading (wireframe / solid in 3d view)



Rigging characters in Blender

When I started to create models and animations with Blender in February this year (2014) I wanted to understand what it takes to create 3d models and import them into a gaming engine.

Until now I have mostly just studied how Blender works and how you create models and animations. Now I took the next step and I wanted to create a low poly character and create a rig for it. Rig is a set bones that control a mesh (a model). One could say it’s a skeleton of some kind. When you have a rig that is attached to a mesh, controlling the rig you can animate the mesh more easily.

So, I started from a very simple person who doesn’t have a facial features due to being low poly. But he/she has arms and legs, head and fingers. This should be simple enough to create the rig.

Rigging in Blender is in my opinion very easy. You can find numerous tutorials in YouTube and it’s easy to get started with beginner knowledge in Blender. Blender even has a nice add-on called Rigify which creates a simple human rig you can easily extend.

After a weekend practicing and learning I created a rig and two simple animations. One with a simple walk cycle and second one a bit more complex, a round house kick.

What you think?

Back to Blender after a long pause

It’s been a while since I opened up Blender. There’s a reason for this and it’s my new job which has been pretty exhausting at the beginning. I have been doing a lot of learning (Unity) and a lot of coding and I just haven’t had the energy to do anything in the evenings and weekends. Now I am starting to be more comfortable with my new surroundings and project I work on so I have had energy to do other stuff as well.

I created a few short animations withing few weekends. Both are based on nice tutorials on Youtube. The first has a magnification effect on a logo and the second one is an attempt to create a water simulation. The water simulation seems to be tricky to do and I really don’t know why I cannot get more detail into the animation. Every time I set higher resolution the simulation just gets stuck. It would be really interesting to hear if anyone knows why. I have tried to recalculate the mesh normals, create a bigger tube but nothing helps.

Anyways, here they are, what do you think?



Particle system in Blender

I haven’t written anything here lately. Sorry about that. I have been busy lately with work stuff and I even though I have started a new game project I will reveal something about that a little bit later. Stay tuned!

Sometimes when I am not in the mood of programming I like to draw something or practice rendering with Blender. One of the things on my todo list was to get a grip of how to render hair / fur / feathers. During the past week I started to look for some tutorials and I eventually found one very good at the Youtube.

Hair is very easy to add via particle system in Blender. I wont go into detail how to do it because there are some excellent tutorials already. This is the teddy bear I drew with the help from one of the tutorials. What you think? (Thanks for Tutor4u for the hair tutorial)


Cup of realism

Approximately a month ago I started to learn to use Blender software for modeling. This was due to the fact that I first started to use Unity3D for games programming and very quickly I realized that for 3D you are going to need some models and unless you want to buy them from the asset store you need to have some skills to do them.

At the beginning I did some very simple stuff by watching tutorials from the YouTube. One of the my first projects was a coffee cup. I was happy with my first result and showed it to a friend. He liked it (probably for courtesy) and he was saying he was in process of planning a promo coffee cup for his company. He wanted me to design the cup for him since I apparently had “some” (read few) skills to do it.

I ended up with the following design:


Last weekend I was visiting Finland and I got a present. Present was the realization of the model:


Looks pretty similar, doesn’t it? It was nice to help a friend but luckily this model “got into production” as well!