Particle systems, continuation with healing effect

Last time I wrote a small tutorial how to create a simple smoke with Unity particle system and how it would be very easy to adjust the settings to create another type of effects. Now we modify the particle system so that with very small changes we can create a neat basic healing effect.

Let’s create a new GameObject and name it ie. HealingEffect or something you like. Add the ParticleSystem component into the newly created GameObject. (if you don’t remember how to do this, check the previous post)

Then if you remember what I wrote about the textures and seeing the effect of the texture, change the texture first. We are going to need a image of a cross or something similar. Green cross is very often used as “healing effect” throughout the gaming history so that’s what we use now. You can easily draw one if you don’t have one available.

So drag the texture under Unity’s assets. Unity prepares the texture as an asset if it’s running or when started the next time from that project. Create a material and add the newly created texture into the material. Set the Shader to particles additive or particles additive (soft).

Now change the material in the particle system. Whoa! You already have flying crosses. Rotate the particle system -90 degrees on X -axis. This way the particles flying vertically away from the origin.

Now we tweak few values so that the effect looks good.

1) Size over lifetime. Create a curve where start and end are smaller (say 50% depending on your texture) and 100% in the middle. This way the particles start small, grow in size to become smaller again.

2) Color over lifetime. Create a curve with white color and then change the start alpha to 0 so it’s fully transparent, add a control point around 25% where alpha should be 255 (full opaque), another control point around 75% with full opaque and set the end alpha to 0. This way the effect is full transparent at start, opaque in the middle and transparent in the end. This gives nice fade effect at the start and in the end.

Some of the base settings need adjustment as well. It all depends on your texture but I used 100 max particles, start lifetime of 2.05, start speed of 3.0, start size of 0.85. Set the emission and shape to your liking but emission rate should be pretty small like 3. Also keep the shape narrow so particles are not sprayed too wide.

I used the same scene as before but I added an untextured low poly dog and applied the healing effect on it. If you did everything correctly you should have something similar, something like this:

What do you think? Leave a comment!


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