Rigging characters in Blender

When I started to create models and animations with Blender in February this year (2014) I wanted to understand what it takes to create 3d models and import them into a gaming engine.

Until now I have mostly just studied how Blender works and how you create models and animations. Now I took the next step and I wanted to create a low poly character and create a rig for it. Rig is a set bones that control a mesh (a model). One could say it’s a skeleton of some kind. When you have a rig that is attached to a mesh, controlling the rig you can animate the mesh more easily.

So, I started from a very simple person who doesn’t have a facial features due to being low poly. But he/she has arms and legs, head and fingers. This should be simple enough to create the rig.

Rigging in Blender is in my opinion very easy. You can find numerous tutorials in YouTube and it’s easy to get started with beginner knowledge in Blender. Blender even has a nice add-on called Rigify which creates a simple human rig you can easily extend.

After a weekend practicing and learning I created a rig and two simple animations. One with a simple walk cycle and second one a bit more complex, a round house kick.

What you think?


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