Recent progress with LibGDX version of Word Slinger

I decided to rewrite my game with LibGDX to help me focus more on the actual game and features rather than splitting my time enhancing the engine AND the game.

Word Slinger consist of several screens: Menu Screen, Play Screen, Options Screen, Help Screen, High Score Screen and few extras for handling high score user input etc. Since I am new to LibGDX I thought it would be wise to start to rewrite the game from the simplest possible screen. In my mind this could have been the Help Screen. In Help Screen there’s actually just a little bit text explaining what to do in the game plus some credits and one button.

I knew there was going to be a lot of implications if I just copy & paste the classes I used with my original engine. And there was, a lot. Luckily I used a bit similar abstraction in my own game called Screen which LibGDX has but there was a plenty of things that I have thought very differently. One thing that didn’t make the Help Screen the most easiest one was the fact that I created my own Font class with font metrics and stuff. This is all neat but unfortunately there’s no easy way to use this in LibGDX. To get forward I created a temporary font with Hiero so I can have fancy font of my own.

One nice thing about the LibGDX is the Scene2d. This is a object graph for handling different “things” on the Scene (screen). These object are Actors, objects / entities that compose the Scene (with few other things). Scene2d can use Tables and other widgets for creating UI elements and help positioning the stuff on the screen. I wont go now into detail of all that, it can be read here. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of things to read and learn.

After few (plenty!) bumps and moments of frustration I have managed to create the Help Screen and part of the initial Play Screen. Here are few screenshots which look the same like I was having already last autumn. 🙂 🙂 Hopefully when I get some of the infrastructure ready things will speed up !!




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