LibGDX projects

I started a new game project some time ago and now I am happy to say it has moved a bit forward. I have been very busy lately due to my other obligations (read: work) so I haven’t had the time.

My new game is going to be something a little bit different from Word Slinger. Game doesn’t have an official name yet but I have named the project Bouncy. The name might change if I come up with something better but for now it will do.


Bouncy will be more like a action game with a hero / heroine and some balls that are making the life difficult. How balls make life difficult? Well, if they are many, they are bouncy and will knock you unconscious, they can be!

I am not sure on what platform (desktop or mobile) the game will be released but I have selected LibGDX to be the library I will be using. There are several reasons for this. The main reason would be that I am planning to rewrite Word Slinger on LibGDX.

Yes, you read it correctly! I am ditching my own engine I created with all pain and sweat to be replaced with something more common and more easy to extend. Also I want to concentrate on the actual game not the engine ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย LibGDX is also more flexible on platforms, it will allow me to create a desktop game along with a Android version if choose to. That way I don’t need to decide yet the platform.

I will be doing the both project at the same time, hoping they will gradually get finished eventually. No release date yet! Heheheh ๐Ÿ˜‰ Stay tuned for updates!


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