Cup of realism

Approximately a month ago I started to learn to use Blender software for modeling. This was due to the fact that I first started to use Unity3D for games programming and very quickly I realized that for 3D you are going to need some models and unless you want to buy them from the asset store you need to have some skills to do them.

At the beginning I did some very simple stuff by watching tutorials from the YouTube. One of the my first projects was a coffee cup. I was happy with my first result and showed it to a friend. He liked it (probably for courtesy) and he was saying he was in process of planning a promo coffee cup for his company. He wanted me to design the cup for him since I apparently had “some” (read few) skills to do it.

I ended up with the following design:


Last weekend I was visiting Finland and I got a present. Present was the realization of the model:


Looks pretty similar, doesn’t it? It was nice to help a friend but luckily this model “got into production” as well!


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