I was visiting Hanover Germany this week to attend CeBIT fair.

CeBIT was organized at  10.3 to 15.3 in the famous Hanover Fair Centre south of Hanover. It’s a world’s largest and most international computer expo.

I haven’t ever been at CeBIT before so I didn’t have much expectations for it. The fair grounds are very large and the amount of booths and presenters is vast. In advance my main interest was the software “stuff” in general. I work for a company that develop a software which is a data collection, analysis are reporting tool for companies, so I thought I would visit some of the BI (Business Intelligence) booths to see what other are up to.

Our company works in the sustainability vertical and it would have been nice to see other software or ideas around it but for that CeBIT didn’t have much to offer. There was some carbon footprint tools but they are focus on a smaller part of the measurement and analysis than what we are. Luckily I found some pretty interesting BI tools and I got presented few nice software.

Probably the most interesting things to see at the fair was 3d printers and their current capability and at the Research and Innovation hall (nr 9) there was some robots, drones and what not. This is of course interesting to see to any type of geek. 3d printers are apparently pretty costly and I am yet to discover what reasonable stuff you could produce with them. They could be nice for rapid prototyping and creating plastic toys, but other than that, what would it be?

I did stay only two days at the fair but it was just about enough for me. I was a little bit let down by the fair. I don’t know what I expected but for me there was not that much to see or experience. Luckily the weather was nice, people friendly and food was good 🙂





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