Spring time and jogging


One of the things that I really enjoy here in France is the weather. I am not sure how warm, cold, rainy or sunny it’s usually this time a year but it’s definitely a lot nicer than in Finland.

Unfortunately last winter was very mild and rainy in Finland and the permanent snow arrived in January which is late and very rare. That made the November and December exhausting with all the darkness. But now it’s so different!

I am usually jogging in Finland in the summer because of the weather. There are people (my brother for instance!) who run all year around but I am not one of them.

The most I enjoy the dry weather. If it’s a little bit coldish or windy, I don’t mind. Here the weather has been on my side during these almost two weeks.

One good thing about jogging is that it’s relatively cheap. You don’t need a special place to go and your initial investment is some sport clothes and a pair of sneakers. I was visiting a friend in Florida last autumn and I did run on bare feet on the beach. So, you could actually do with even less.

Besides jogging being cheap it’s almost always possible time wise. You most likely can squeeze it somewhere in your schedule if you want to. And you can also alter the length and pace which gives variation.

The only thing what I have found a little bit negative is that jogging is somewhat monotonous, specially if you are running alone. I don’t like listening to music while running so I try to get to the flow state where you forget everything and you are just part of the movement.

The picture is from the route I have been running here. I liked the curvy shape of the path which is quite different to the streets of Helsinki.

Happy jogging!


2 comments on “Spring time and jogging

  1. Looks like a beautiful path!

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