One week in France

I came here last Sunday and now it’s been almost a week.

First impressions are really nice. This place is very small but you can find almost everything that is needed. Here’s a small convenience store, a small bakery (with amazing buns and breads), a post office, one bar and restaurant. Here’s not a lot of activities, but we have been jogging and walking.

I don’t speak french, but I have tried to learn few simple things. More like on occasion rather being systematic. I went to the boulangerie (bakery) one morning and I got what I wanted, even though I didn’t understand all he said but then when I was about to leave I wished him “good evening” which he found funny. I didn’t even realize it until I told my girlfriend about the conversation 🙂 Well, what was just an funny incident.

One thing worth mention is the weather. It’s mid February but it feels so spring. Leaves are just about to start to grow and grass is green. It’s so strange. In Finland we have this at somewhere around May.

Here’s two pictures taken from our balcony. It sure looks very French and very country side, doesn’t it? 🙂



Until next time!


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