Beginner again, now with Unity3d

So, I am having a flu at the moment and sitting tightly in front of my computer. Misses is in France and I am alone. Is there any better time to learn more and do things?

I started to go through the beginner tutorials and I found this nice tutorial project in which you build a small shooter. This looks easy enough and yet it opens Unity3d concepts step by step starting from simple things.

Unity3d IDE can be a little bit daunting and scary with many different views and options. But by following the tutorials on their site it’s easy to get a little bit of understanding the basics. I must say that Unity3d tutorials are really good ones and very well organized. This is how it should be with other software as well.

So, I completed the tutorial and I had a small shooter running on the web engine. I wanted to do some changes and I didn’t like the original background so I drew another one, a little bit more colorful and I wanted it to scroll. Static background looked a little bit too static when boulders and player is moving. I changed the music too, this music is made by ParagonX9, very nice tune.

Next steps are either adding some randomness to the boulders, either size and/or movement. It would be nice to have enemy ships and/or bosses as well. Let’s see how complicated it gets.

Here’s a small YouTube video of what I accomplished. What you think?


3 comments on “Beginner again, now with Unity3d

  1. Looking good.
    Did you plan to create 2D game?

    • jhuhtanen says:

      Thanks! I have one 2D game release ready, but it uses my own engine. What comes to Unity I need to learn more things, like how to create models, meshes and stuff. I checked what you have been doing and it looks great!

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