Animation practising with Blender

I am somewhat excited about this modeling software called Blender. At start it seemed almost impossible to get any grasp of it but I have followed some tutorials and tried to learn the shortcuts.

Here’s two animations that I uploaded to YouTube made with Blender. They were both inspired by YouTube tutorials, the other by Mardi Pax and the other by Tutor4u.

Looks pretty neat or what you think?


One week in France

I came here last Sunday and now it’s been almost a week.

First impressions are really nice. This place is very small but you can find almost everything that is needed. Here’s a small convenience store, a small bakery (with amazing buns and breads), a post office, one bar and restaurant. Here’s not a lot of activities, but we have been jogging and walking.

I don’t speak french, but I have tried to learn few simple things. More like on occasion rather being systematic. I went to the boulangerie (bakery) one morning and I got what I wanted, even though I didn’t understand all he said but then when I was about to leave I wished him “good evening” which he found funny. I didn’t even realize it until I told my girlfriend about the conversation 🙂 Well, what was just an funny incident.

One thing worth mention is the weather. It’s mid February but it feels so spring. Leaves are just about to start to grow and grass is green. It’s so strange. In Finland we have this at somewhere around May.

Here’s two pictures taken from our balcony. It sure looks very French and very country side, doesn’t it? 🙂



Until next time!

Word Slinger released!!

So the day finally came. My game is released in Google Play Store. This is absolutely a great day!

Those who have been following my blog know that I am moving to France and I just wanted to get this done before I leave. I will be developing the game while in France but the this was more like a mental deadline that I wanted to achieve.

I was quite long looking for an appropriate background image to the play screen but I didn’t find one and specially I didn’t find any free ones. I sent few email to few artist but unfortunately I didn’t get any response. So I had to draw myself and I am pretty content with the outcome.

Here’s the final version of the play screen:


So, what are you waiting for? If you are an Android phone or tablet owner, please, do me a favor and download, try and rate my game! Thank you!

Beginner again, now with Unity3d

So, I am having a flu at the moment and sitting tightly in front of my computer. Misses is in France and I am alone. Is there any better time to learn more and do things?

I started to go through the beginner tutorials and I found this nice tutorial project in which you build a small shooter. This looks easy enough and yet it opens Unity3d concepts step by step starting from simple things.

Unity3d IDE can be a little bit daunting and scary with many different views and options. But by following the tutorials on their site it’s easy to get a little bit of understanding the basics. I must say that Unity3d tutorials are really good ones and very well organized. This is how it should be with other software as well.

So, I completed the tutorial and I had a small shooter running on the web engine. I wanted to do some changes and I didn’t like the original background so I drew another one, a little bit more colorful and I wanted it to scroll. Static background looked a little bit too static when boulders and player is moving. I changed the music too, this music is made by ParagonX9, very nice tune.

Next steps are either adding some randomness to the boulders, either size and/or movement. It would be nice to have enemy ships and/or bosses as well. Let’s see how complicated it gets.

Here’s a small YouTube video of what I accomplished. What you think?