Relocation to France

So I have a little bit of news. I am moving to France in few weeks to live in a small town south of Paris.

My girlfriend got a grant from Finnish Cultural Foundation. Part of the grant is an apartment to which we are moving for the grant period of 6 months. She will be writing her novel during that time and I will be working remotely.

I am very excited about the opportunity to live in France for a while and take some distance to the current projects in Finland. I will be working full time (as I am now) and I hope I will have time to continue with my games. It would be foolish to move over there just to work so I try to see and experience a lot of different things. Hopefully I will have time to update my Blog as well and tell share some of the experiences with you.

I tried to find a nice picture of the town and I found a nice postcard which is just right where we are about to move. According to photos it’s not that vivid these days as it used to, but I am sure it will be superb.

Grez-sur-loing somewhere around 60’s:
@copyright unknown

Grez-sur-loing 2012:
@copyright Google


6 comments on “Relocation to France

  1. Miia says:

    Vous êtes les bienvenus!

  2. Anja Värri says:

    Onnea Janne Ranskan-matkallenne! Terv. Anja-kummisi

  3. Timo says:

    pastista ja leivoksia. Muista ottaa lähtöpainalukema ennen ekskursiota isoon härmään. T:naapuri

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