Graphic design as a service

I admit it. I am pretty bad in drawing and designing graphics.

When I was in school I was always among the other half of the class that didn’t get good grades or compliments from the teacher (at Arts and Crafts class). Yet I always enjoyed drawing and painting. Later when I tried something on the computer it was so hard to draw with the mouse. All the edges were sharp and ugly, there was very little options for anti aliasing etc. I think it was then when I decided not to draw any more 🙂

Now when creating my game I was “forced” to draw some icons and graphics because I don’t know anyone else who would do it for free. Today programs are so much better with so many options and filters that even I can draw something nice. Well it’s of course subjective but at least I like some of my own drawings 😉

Yet I think some of my icons were a bit dull and simple and therefore I decided to try a service called Fiverr. It’s a site in which people do Gigs, graphic design and drawing being one of those. Starting from 5$ you can get icons and designs. Pretty neat, huh?

Last weekend I received my first order, web launcher icon for my game. Here it is, what you think? Nice! Thank a lot for Erbil (username Erbilru) and Fiverr for making it possible!



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