Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Year 2014 everyone!

Don’t make new year’s resolutions you cannot hold 🙂 Just live to the fullest, respect and love everyone equally! Make small things count!

My resolutions are (in no order):

  1. I am gonna learn some French.
  2. I try to enjoy whatever I do.
  3. I will try to take some time to learn new things.

Brief game update: I have improved my core loop which should make the game even more responsive and it should save some resources. I added Google Analytics so I should know what is happening within the game. I need to learn how to utilize it though 🙂


3 comments on “Happy New Year 2014!

  1. Miia says:

    Sounds like my new year wishes: try to do things you enjoy and life will be much happier!
    Ps learning French sounds like a good and practical decision 🙂

    • jhuhtanen says:

      Yeah, only thing is that my French teacher is kinda strict on the pronunciation 😉

      • Miia says:

        Hmmmm… I do think that the best way to learn is to speak without thinking too much! The pronunciation is something you can fix at a later stage; when you no longer need to worry about the speaking part 😉

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