Obstacles at the path

The past weekend I was determined to fix few issues with the Scoreloop I have had. The problems I have had with integrating Scoreloop are mostly related to my own game engine. Issues like how I change Scoreloop user “credentials” so that players can use their own unique name and email address if they want to.

Scoreloop has pretty decent documentation and nice sample code. It can be found here.

Scoreloop assigns a generated username (currently of type PlayerXXXXXX, where XXX is a long digit) which it continues to use when communicating with the Scoreloop service. My problem is that I need to read input from the user who wants to change the “credentials” namely username and email. With normal Android Activity I could utilize keyboard and TextField functionality but since I am using Canvas and Bitmaps to draw I can’t use them. At least, I don’t know how.

I have solved this issue already once in my Highscore screen in which I have implemented a simple keyboard for reading username for local highscore. I thought I could redo this with Scoreloop username and email but it wasn’t that simple. I don’t know how Android default keyboard solves layout issues, like when touching textfield, does it bring the keyboard automatically up and how events are handled when updating the textfield etc.

With these type of issues I continue to struggle and I am feeling that I am too far on the sidetrack considering what I should be focusing at. With other time constraints I am not proceeding as much as I would like with my game. Hopefully I can solve this soon πŸ™‚


Update: When I got down to reading the user input I realized that my keyboard implementation didn’t support symbols or anything beyond regular letters. How can I read user email if my keyboard doesn’t even support the “@” (at) sign? Hahhaa, how silly of me. Then well, another problem was that my custom font didn’t have all the needed letters. Even when I could read the input I couldn’t show the email because of special symbols. Sigh. Big time! I could of course replace “@” -sign with “(at)” or similar but… Oh well. More things to implement πŸ˜‰

Here’s an screenshot of early stage HighScoreScreen with keyboard which is pretty much what it looks today.

Early stage HighScore Screen


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