Busy busy busy

I have not been able to do as much as I would have liked regarding my game project. We are having a release at work just next week, so I have been pushing things ready and tested. That’s why I have also been very tired in the evenings and I just didn’t have the extra energy to continue with my game.

I tried to switch to LibGDX this week though. I took all the code I had written and created another project with LibGDX. What happened I got at least thousand errors because I didn’t “import” my game engine. All I copied was the classes that use my engine.

It was of course expected, and I was just to try to do some simple things, just to see how I could utilize LibGDX in the game rewrite. Well, it turned out to be harder than I thought and I was put down by the amount difficulties I encountered. I probably did something incorrectly because I didn’t get even simple thing to run. I have to check that later but with more energy and time.

So, I went back to my original project and decided to fix some small annoyances. I also took another look (a much better look) about the AdMob. It turned out that with some small tweaks to my engine I could show Google Ads in my game screens. It’s not the best solution ever but it works, with few runs at least. I probably should read a bit more about the ad sizes and stuff. Now the area I am allocating is quite small and I don’t really know how the area affects on the effectiveness of the ads.

Here’s my brand new main screen with the game menu and Google Ads. What you think of it?


ps. It was father’s day today (sunday the 10th) so congratulations to all fathers! And special congratulations to my father!


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