It’s Over Nine Thousand!

Well, not exactly. I have currently approx. 5400 lines of code and my skill level is about 9. You do know where this line is taken from? It’s a famous(?) internet MEME started from this.

What partially explains the amount of code is that I have written some game engine code as well. This is probably not very wise thing to do since I should be concentrating on the game itself rather the framework. But one of my original goals was to learn game programming and what is better than learning to do the engine?


Having said that I am even closer to switching to LibGDX or similar because of the side effects that I am having for my own framework. I was redoing this weekend my High Score feature by adding difficulty and game mode into play. I originally had only local High Score with just one TOP 10 leader board but since my game will have difficulty setting and two game modes I thought the High Scores should be separate.

I was also thinking to try some leader board service like OpenFeint or ScoreLoop. I don’t have any experience on either but it seems that OpenFeint is discontinued and is replaced by GREE. I read few articles about the ScoreLoop and people seem to be happy with it so I decided to give it a try.

I won’t go into details here about the setup but it was pretty easy to do. The real problems come when I try to integrate it with my game engine. ScoreLoop is built asynchronously so that you will get call backs and because of the design you need to execute the calls in main UI thread. This is a little of bit problematic for me and I will probably have to do some refactoring. One very annoying feature in ScoreLoop is that you need to Agree to Terms of Service to use it. Well, I don’t mind agreeing (or asking for agreement) but you cannot customize the UI element that will pop-up. At least I don’t know how.

That will look very strange because ScoreLoop dialog is blue and white and totally looks different from my other game design. This is big big flaw in my opinion. Lets see how it goes if I can go around the restrictions.


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