Achievement “Avowed Intent Retracted” unlocked

I have been up from early morning to late evening, not even going outside to check what is happening. Okay, I have been slacking a bit too. I did eat and watch some football to relax my mind.

The main game is coming along quite nicely. I have been raising my ambition level once again. I am definitely not happy with bare bones implementation. I will be putting it to Google Play just to know what it takes. Along with that I have multiple more advanced ideas.

This is how the main screen looks currently. I have drawn some better(?) buttons and I did a custom font thingy. I am not sure how one is supposed to do these in games but I drew my custom font and I was thinking to show some of my texts in the game with this a bit more fancy looking purple with white shadow font. Objections?


It seems there is a whole lot of things to consider when drawing directly to the “screen” and I am starting to have doubts that this is the right way. Having a game engine would probably solve at least some of the issues. At least if it’s any good. Mine isn’t since I have to implement every small thing by myself. Like I am having MASSIVE trouble when doing a “High Score” -screen since I need some keyboard, keys and then I need code check the key events and stuff.  And I need to draw all that too!

There’s already stuff for this in the API but since uh, this is custom engine, I am out of luck. Or skill? Probably both. It looks like I am in the edge of rebuilding this whole thing in some already proven engine or then I have to do some heavy refactoring to my engine. Either of the options do not seem very nice.

Other problem I already had was with gestures. I have a instructions page and it’s a bit longer what I expected and it needs some kind of scrolling. Well, would you mind adding a component provided by Google? I wouldn’t but it doesn’t fit in because I draw directly to the bitmap by using Canvas. If anyone knows how to do it, it would be really nice to hear.

Oh well. This is what development is. Let’s see how things proceed. Now where is my bottle of beer…


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