So, I need an idea for the game

One of the hardest things in the developing an App or a game is the to come up with an idea what the App or game will be about.

Normally an App would probably try to solve a problem, make some process or task easier but game doesn’t need to do that. There are probably plenty of good articles about how to make a good game and what kind of elements it should have. I am honest, I have read none. If anyone can recommend me good articles, please, comment.

Since my initial ambition level was only to make a game and make it actually complete I don’t need to worry about if anyone ever plays it or even find it entertaining. Also since I realized that making a game requires some understanding of graphics and rendering things on the screen I rejected any ideas that might require 3D graphics.

With these parameters, and some Googling, and trying some browser games I decided (without much of inventing myself) to create a game of guessing words. Yes, I know there are gazillion similar games but I like the idea of simplicity. There will be random letters from which the player arranges words of different lengths. Simple, doable and no need of 3D. Stale? Yes.

Few more things why I like the word game idea. It will require a database. Having a database, read / write operations on it actually will teach me something that might be useful when doing mobile development in general. I probably need some algorithm for generating the words as well, it should be also interesting.

So, a word game that is…

Initial sketch up of my word game

Initial sketch up of my word game

It does look a bit ugly and gray scaled, doesn’t it? Maybe I will need help from someone who can actually draw. We will see.


2 comments on “So, I need an idea for the game

  1. lilses says:

    what about a snake game(very famous),
    or a game like temple run(will be worth it in the end)
    or a stickman gun game where you tap to shoot enemies that pop on the screen randomly(does not require 3d graphics)
    if you really have the time like me, I say going at it 24/7 for one month, you will have made a complete game,

    • jhuhtanen says:

      They are both good ideas for learning game development. Unfortunately I don’t have much time in my hands, I have to go to work every day plus I will be some sports occasionally. Having said this I can spend more time in the weekends. Let’s see how this proceeds and maybe I can start something with you when I get this to closer to ready stage. Meanwhile you probably learn some game programming yourself 😉

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