Beginning of a new journey

I have started a new journey. The destination is somewhat unknown but luckily I know why I am at it.

For a long time, almost all my life, I have had a dream of being part of the gaming industry. I have always liked computer games and played a lot of them too. As a kid, me and my brother had ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC home computers and even then I used to play a lot. But also, I was very intrigued by making games and programming. I even did some small “games” or programs by using thee BASIC language. I still remember how some of those small “products” gave me a lot of joy when something was rendered to the screen.

I ended up doing software as a job, but it never had anything to do with the games. Rather, I just spent countless hours in Vanilla WoW raids and capping flags in BF3 after long hours at the office. That’s not the only thing I ever did, don’t worry.

Then just recently some small things happened in my life which made me question what I should do with my spare time, and from the depths of my mind I started to ponder about the game programming once again. Would it still be possible to learn something? Could I learn enough skills to possibly move to the industry which I like? Would I really enjoy the game programming as much I remember I did?

I was excited about the idea and started to evaluate how and where would I start. Like what would be the platform? What skills do I have and what I need to learn? What would be the easiest way to start?

I went through a lot of thoughts like “Should I use a game maker of some kind?”, “Creating games by using Visual Studio and DirectX must be difficult.” and “What would benefit me in my everyday work, if any?”. I happen to know some C/C++ but Java I have used almost 15 years, professionally. It definitely would be an advantage to know the syntax, even though I almost never consider the syntax an issue when evaluating languages. Also building games in Windows platform requires decent(?) skills in C/C++ and possibly DirectX and/or some game engine. I am pretty sure it would be possible to learn by doing but it just didn’t sound tempting enough.

So I chose mobile platform and more over, Android. I personally have an old Lumia which runs on Windows Mobile 7.8 and I never owned a single Android device in my life. Yet, Java and free open ecosystem and possibility to learn mobile development (which possibly can support my everyday work) made the deal for me. I could have chosen the iOS but I don’t have any Apple device either and it apparently would have required an investment of at least 1000 € to get all the things I need, even if I would have used second hand.

A question, how long would it take for me to get my investment back if I was to make money with it? Me thinks, loooong!

So here I am, at the very beginning of my journey. I don’t have any other ambitions or goals at the start but to have fun and learn. Oh, there is definitely one thing I absolutely must achieve. The game must be finished and working (of course I get to define what it means).

May the code serve you well, I hope to does the same for me!


2 comments on “Beginning of a new journey

  1. omgtechy says:

    If you set out to make money from the off, chances are you’ll get frustrated and stop. Program games simply for the joy of it and the rest will come.

    Also, whilst it’s a good idea to get to grips with C++ (although I am a little bias on that), what’s wrong with using Java for games? Minecraft is a perfect example of just how great it can be.

    Feel free to ask me for any help you need too!

    • jhuhtanen says:

      Thanks for the comment! I think you are right about setting the right target and ambition level.

      I have enjoyed this so much I cannot even start to describe. It’s like Christmas all over the methods, bugs and features I am writing. Plus I have tried to draw some simple logos and images which I haven’t ever done before. It’s very rewarding to see even small things.

      There’s nothing wrong with Java :). I am language agnostic and what I have understood is that you need to know C++ / C# if you want to use engines like Unity and / or if you are planning to target PC platform. So maybe that comes in the future!

      Thanks for offering help, I will let you know if I need it. If you need mine, feel free to ask 😉

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